09 July 2008

Telecom Italia, FastWeb to Build Italy's Next-Generation Broadband Network

Πηγή Communication Direct News - 23 06 2008

Telecom Italia and FastWeb have signed a deal to collaborate in the roll out of a new high-speed network in Italy.Telecom Italia and FastWeb have agreed to share civil infrastructure, and jointly plan cable laying for a new high-speed network in Italy.
Telecom Italia and local rival FastWeb have signed an agreement to partner in the roll out of a next-generation broadband network in Italy. In a move which will likely create a template for other European countries faced with the likelihood of multiple high-speed network roll-outs, Telecom Italia and FastWeb said they will collaborate on an industrial scale to hasten network roll-out and avoid unnecessary duplication of high-speed networks across the country and rationalise costs. Under a memorandum of understanding signed by Oscar Cicchetti, head of Telecom Italia’s Domestic Market Operations division, and Stefano Parisi, chief executive of FastWeb, both companies said they will jointly plan cable laying for their respective fibre-optic networks and will also exchange rights of use of civil infrastructure. In addition, the companies said they will jointly study and test innovative infrastructure techniques, such as the latest generation of micro-tubing for laying optical fibre.

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