11 October 2008

French Telecom regulator gives guidelines for fibre rollout

Arcep recommends that operators equipping buildings should install additional fibre on behalf of rival providers.

French telecommunications regulator Arcep Friday gave initial recommendations on how operators should roll out next-generation fiber-optic networks aimed at ensuring "satisfactory competition conditions."

The regulator's guidelines come after lawmakers passed legislation in August introducing the principle of "shared access" to the last part of the fiber network, the part linking individual households to the broader network.

In a statement Friday, Arcep said it recommends the first operator "to equip a building offers to install additional fiber" in the last part of the network "on behalf of other operators."

French broadband providers France Telecom SA, Iliad SA, and Vivendi SA's SFR have so far committed to spending hundreds of millions of euros on the rollout of their fiber networks. The funds invested could rise into the billions of euros as the companies seek to connect more and more households.

Cable operator Numericable is also linking up households with fiber optic.


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