14 October 2008

ICT research and telecoms: Europe's opportunity to lead global competition

Viviane Reding: Brussels, 3 October 2008

The question is:

How can we, as policymakers, ensure that Europe continues to harness the potential of ICT, so critical for our economic prosperity and international competitive standing?
Furthermore, how can we help our businesses, administrations and citizens to make the best out of the technology at hand and of its future developments?

In conclusion
Our job is to make sure that Europe is well-equipped to harness the ICT potential. What should we do?

• One: we must simultaneously pull through market demand and push through research and new technological developments.

• Two: we must facilitate the emergence of new markets and foster more competition – driving investments and innovation.

• Three: we must prioritise European R&D into key areas – building on our industry and technology strengths, and concentrating and specialising our resources and skills.

Let us join up research-innovation and commercialisation in a targeted way around some crucial social and economic policy goals. This will create growth and jobs.

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