01 October 2008

Viviane Reding - Conference 'Network Neutrality - Implications for Innovation and Business Online'

Copenhagen, 30 September 2008

Τhe speech of Commissioner Reding in Copenhagen on 30th September at the conference ‘Network Neutrality- Implications for innovation and business Online’.

Main points of her intervention:

- Commission remains a firm believer of a truly open digital economy based on interoperable networks and inclusive access to the internet. There is also justification to impose traffic prioritisation in some situations and legitimate network management practices. Solution could be to set minimum quality levels for network transmission services based on technical standards identified at EU level. The Commission does not believes neither that restricting access to the Internet will attract many more innovative European internet companies nor that is the right answer to a faster developments of NGNs.
- The European Parliament endorsed by a large majority the Commission’s proposal for a European Internet access complying with minimum quality levels. Commission welcomes the ‘right balance’ stroke by the European between ‘allowing competition to operate while putting sufficient safeguards in place for internet users’.

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