27 October 2008

Viviane Reding - Europe's Telecoms Incumbents: Friends or Foes of a Single Telecoms Market?

Venice, 25 October 2008

I call on you, incumbents, and your association ETNO, to re-think your policy
recommendations to national ministers. You have to take a decision: Do you
want to be friends or foes of a single telecoms market in Europe? Do you
really want to let, for short-term reasons, the single market slip away to your
US competitors? Or do you want to show the way to a modern, competitive
European telecoms sector which will, once again, be the driving force for
growth and jobs in the whole European economy?
Ambitious political decisions on Europe’s single telecoms market are
certainly the best response to our sector in the current economic situation.
But we need to act now.

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