25 March 2009

Different approaches to FTTH

Fibre's coming home

Europe's fibre to the home numbers may be lack-lustre at present, but FTTH advocates are upbeat about the next few years. They point to evidence that fibre drives 30% higher ARPU than DSL. Significant growth will come, they maintain, as fibre providers develop business models to suit specific geographies.

Recorded: 25/03/2009 - FTTH council Europe Conference, Copenhagen

Joeri Van Bogaert, President of the FTTH council Europe, explains why Europe's regulatory diversity will foster the multiple business models, from both public and private sectors, to drive fibre to the home.

Recorded: 25/03/2009 - FTTH council Europe Conference, Copenhagen

Digital Natives and the art of growing up fast.

Digital media are popularly supposed to be ruining a generation by fostering short attention spans and illiteracy. Writer and business strategist, Don Tapscott, doesn't buy any of that. He tells Ian Scales why the upcoming 'digital native' generation is turning out to be smarter and more savvy than any other and why that is excellent news for fibre providers.

Recorded: 26/03/2009 - FTTH Council Europe Conference, Conpenhagen

Mine That Twisted Pair

Recorded: 25/03/2009 - FTTH Council Europe's conference, Copenhagen

Source: TelecomTV

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