25 March 2009

Regulator approves hike in Telecom Italia unbundling tariffs

AGCOM move comes despite opposition from rival providers Fastweb, Vodafone, Tiscali.

Italy's telecommunication regulator AGCOM Tuesday approved an increase in Telecom Italia SpA unbundling tariffs, which Italy's largest telecoms group charges its rivals to access its fixed-line network.

In a statement, AGCOM said Telecom Italia's unbundling fee will be increased by EUR0.85 a month to EUR8.49, less than half of Telecom Italia's request for an increase of EUR1.75 per month. The hike will be effective from January 2009.

Italian alternative operators Fastweb SpA, Vodafone and Tiscali SpA had openly opposed a raise in unbundling tariffs, arguing it would strongly hit their margins and would strengthen Telecom Italia's dominant position in the market.

Click here to find out more!Telecom Italia has long maintained that its unbundling tariffs were the lowest in Europe.

AGCOM in December gave its approval to a package of measures proposed by Telecom Italia to open up its fixed-line network to rivals, in a move aimed at boosting competition in the country's telecoms sector.

It has also approved Telecom Italia's proposal to raise its monthly residential fee.

Source: Total Telecom

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