26 April 2009

ECTA One Day Conference - ‘Fibre investment for Europe’s recovery’

24 04 2009 - ‘Fibre investment for Europe’s recovery’

Thursday 25th June 2009, Residence Palace, Brussels

***Keynote presentation from Commissioner Viviane Reding***


Heads of National Regulatory Authorities including Ed Richards, Ofcom
Senior executives and regulatory specialists from industry

Coming together to discuss the outcome of the telecoms review, the future of access regulation and
to provide analysis of the forthcoming NGA recommendation including
how to price fibre access, enable co-investment and deliver universal high speed broadband.


A dynamic, thriving telecoms sector is crucial to Europe’s economic recovery, not just to support investment and jobs within the sector, but also to facilitate delivery of innovative services that drive productivity across all of Europe’s industries and services.

At the centre of the debate is how to ensure incentives for investment in fibre, whilst also sustaining competition in the diverse services that will bring economic benefits to Europe’s consumers and businesses. The Commission is right now addressing these questions through a Recommendation which will establish the future Framework for regulation in the communications sector. Join us for debate and analysis on the crucial issues:

  • In what circumstances should fibre and vDSL access networks be regulated?
  • How can operators best co-operate to defray investment risks whilst preserving competition
  • How should fibre be priced? What role can differentiated pricing arrangements play?
  • What could be the role of functional separation in a next generation environment?
  • How can a smooth transition be achieved from legacy networks to more modern replacements?
  • How can open networks be turned to commercial advantage by incumbents?
  • How can public funding best be used to support investment in new networks?

Further details to be announced soon

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