07 April 2009

FTTH: UAE to have full FTTH

06 04 2009 - The United Arab Emirates is to be fully served by optical fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) by 2011. Indeed, work is proceeding at such a pace that Abu Dhabi, the UAE’s capital city, will be fully connected with fibre-optic cable by later this year.

Local telco Etisalat is responsible for the task. Etisalat’s CEO Mohamed Khalfan Al Qamzi told local journalists that he believes eLite, the name of the service, will cater to future bandwidth demands in the country, while boosting adoption of advanced internet services such as IPTV, VOD and online gaming. "eLite will bring about a paradigm shift in the communication sector, taking it to unprecedented levels,” added Al Qamzi.

“Etisalat is proud to make Abu Dhabi the first fully connected capital in the world. Based on the FTTH technology, eLite has enormous scope and potential in terms of capacity, speed, and efficiency to accommodate the growing demand for bandwidth in the coming decades.”

Source: Rapid TV News 2009

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