29 May 2009

10 Ways to Share Music on Twitter

29 05 2009 - Twitter is fast becoming one of the most important ways to share information quickly, easily, and instantly over the web.

Users and developers have found a lot of innovative ways to pack a ton of utility into just 140 characters, including sharing images, sharing video, and sharing documents. What about music? Turns out, there are plenty of ways to share tunes on Twitter as well. Below are ten of the best ways to tweet about what you’re listening to.

1. Tinysong


Tinysong is a very basic URL shortener for music powered by P2P music sharing service. On the plus side, that means it has a huge library of songs to draw from, but it also isn’t very tightly integrated with Twitter. Tinysong is dead simple: search for songs, find the one you want, get a shortened URL pointing toward that track. Actually sharing it on Twitter is up to you. Tinysong has an API, meaning that developer could easily integrate it into their applications.



If you want a more complete integration between Grooveshark and Twitter, you’ll want to check out Like Tinysong, searches the Grooveshark library for songs, but it goes two steps further by allowing you to share what you’re listening to directly from the site, and also monitoring your timeline to create a stream of what your friends are listening to.


songly is a Twitter music sharing service powered by the Russian media search engine Tagoo. You search for an artist or track and press the tweet button, which sends you to Twitter and pre-populates the tweet field with a shortened URL pointing at your song. has IE and Firefox add-ons and an API.


On its own, is kind of like Twitter for music, where users share tracks with one another in a Twitter-style real-time stream. But also integrates with Twitter (among other sites), and allows you to share tracks back out to your Twitter friends with one click once you have synced your accounts. The site borrows some concepts straight from Twitter — like reblipping, which is akin to retweeting — and helps users find friends to follow that have similar music tastes in order to build a real-time “radio station” stream.


twtfm uses OAuth to connect you to your Twitter account then recreates your Twitter page, including your background and avatar, to store your playlist of music tweets, each including a Flash-player. The site allows you to search for tracks (which it pulls from imeem), or add direct links to MP3s, YouTubemusic videos, SoundCloud, or imeem. You can then tweet those songs directly from the site using a short URL. Unfortunately, sometimes the tracks it finds are just clips, and it doesn’t allow you to search by just artist or track, so you have to know the entire name of the song you want to play, who sings it, and how to correctly spell it.

6. Twiturm


Twiturm (the “urm” stands for “ur music”) is really aimed at artists looking to share music with their fans. The site lets users upload MP3 files, or point to existing MP3 links on the web, then share them directly on Twitter via a shortened URL that links to a Twiturm player page. The player page allows visitors to play, download, or retweet the tracks, and keeps stats on how many plays and downloads each song gets.

7. Musebin


Musebin lets you share your favorite albums and artists over Twitter using exquisitely tiny URLs made possible by using a domain with a non-standard character: http://♬.ws/ The shared URLs link to a simple page about the artist or album that includes information about the year of release, record label, cover art, links to additional info, and a stream of tweets about the artist.

8. Twittytunes


Twittytunes is a companion Firefox plugin for the Foxytunesmusic player plugin from Yahoo! Music. Twittytunes essentially adds a button to the Foxytunes player that lets users tweet about what they’re listening to in one click. Tweets don’t actually include links to playable songs, but they do include links to Foxytunes informational sites about the artist that often include song clips and music videos.

9. imeem


Music sharing site imeem on which many of the other sites in this round up rely, added their own “Tweet This” buttons a couple of months ago. It’s a pretty basic way to tweet about the music you’re listening to, essentially just sending you to Twitter with a pre-populated form field that includes the name of the artist and track and a link to the song’s page on imeem. But imeem has a huge library of music to search, so it’s definitely a good site to have in your arsenal when sharing music on Twitter.

10. SongTwit


SongTwit is one of the newest options on this list, and lets you search imeem and YouTube for songs, point to MP3 links, or upload an MP3, M4A, WAV, WMA, OGG or ACC file. You then log into Twitter (no OAuth), add a message in the remaining ~115 characters, and send your tweet. Your message should probably include the song’s title, since SongTwit doesn’t automatically include it. When I tested it, it was a bit finicky (or my connection was) and kept timing out before it would actually share something, but I have actually seen SongTwit working for some people in the wild.


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