21 May 2009

3 Wolfram Alpha Add-ons to Smarten Up Your Firefox

21 05 2009 - Have you already fallen in love with the computational knowledge engine, better known as Wolfram Alpha? If you have, chances are you’ve been looking for easier ways to use this powerful tool, and for Firefox users, the best place to start is the add-ons repository.

As it usually goes with high-profile new services such as Wolfram Alpha, Firefox add-on developers have quickly caught on, and there are already three quite useful WA-related add-ons in Mozilla’s database.

Wolfram Alpha for Firefox

First, there’s the simple plugin that adds Wolfram Alpha to the list of search engines in Firefox. Even if you don’t plan on using Wolfram Alpha on a daily basis, it’s a good one to have because it makes it readily available without having to visit the actual site.

SlimSearch 0.2.0

SlimSearch is a great, simple search plugin that lets you select text on any webpage and instantly send it to a large number of search engines. The latest version includes support for Wolfram Alpha, too.


Wolfram Alpha Google 0.3

Finally, the most interesting WA-related plugin is aimed at those users who really love the service; so much, they want to merge it with Google. The plugin (beware, it’s experimental, and we have heard reports about it messing things up in Firefox) adds Wolfram Alpha results next to Google’s results. Therefore, whenever you search for something in Google, you get the best of both worlds. This plugin is also ideal for comparing the results between these two engines.

Source: Mashable

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