20 May 2009

Portugal Telecom to connect 1mn homes with fibre by end-2009

18 05 2009 - Portugal Telecom has unveiled plans to bring fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) connections to 1mn Portuguese households by the end of this year, having been encouraged by its success with new services such as its IPTV offering 'Meo' to invest further in a higher-capacity network.

The company adds that domestic CAPEX investments for 2009 will reach EUR 650mn as a result of these plans, which will enable the company to "radically transform" the customer experience for television, Internet and entertainment.  The investment in fibre will allow the company to offer greater image quality for its IPTV service, multiple HD streams, an unlimited number of TVs connected to the service, new broadband experiences, and greater service quality.

Portugal Telecom has already entered the phase of technical tests for services delivered over its expanding fibre network, and last week started to offer two new types of triple-play package: 'Meo Fibra 20 Megas', offering 70 television channels, a 20 Mbps Internet connection and free calls between 9pm and 9am, for a promotional price of EUR 49.90 per month (rising to EUR 55.90 per month after 12 months); and 'Meo Fibra 100 Megas', offering 100 television channels, a 100 Mbps Internet connection and unlimited anytime calls for EUR 64.90 per month (rising to EUR 70.90 per month after 12 months).

The telco has marked the decision to expand its fibre-optic network with the introduction of a new logo, intended to reflect the heritage of the company while combining the attributes of "solidity, confidence and quality [with] a new way of being, younger, innovative, orientated to modernity and the future".

Portugal Telecom reached reached 312,000 IPTV subscribers by the end of last year, adding 110,000 customers in the last three months of 2008 alone.

Source: IpTVNews

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