20 May 2009

Pyramid Schemes

20 05 2009 -  There are some issues you need to know before you may proceed with the idea of operating a pyramid scheme from home to generate additional income.

If you are looking to work from home in your computer, possibly using a pyramid scheme, just be aware of a few things first. You need to distinguish between the fake and the genuine work at home companies that offer online jobs.

There is not much mention of work or initial investment but it is all about how much money you will reap from time to time. The bottom line of the exercise is that you must be paid for whatever work you agree to do.

On the surface it looks rather stupid to reject a free offer to join a pyramid scheme that promises riches so simple to achieve. You will also have to buy products of the company on a monthly basis at a specified value before you can qualify for a certain percentage as bonus payment. If your down line does not buy the company’s products, you will not receive any income either.

You are faced with another arduous job of motivating your down lines to buy products which they might not need, to ensure purchase volume because what you earn depends on this total collective purchase of all down lines. It is those people that continue to waste time on pyramid schemes who are giving life to the proliferation of these unscrupulous income generating methods. Content club companies need thousands of articles on various subjects to be written by those qualified enough to do so and pay for every article submitted as initially agreed upon - these companies are legitimate and really pay for work done. Besides you will also know how to identify which companies are offering false schemes no matter what disguises they are using. By using forums and websites that offer opinions and advice you will be able to identify a reputable company to work for.

Many people have been caught on the wrong foot and been driven to frustration by various pyramid schemes and money making ideas that have proliferated the Internet in the past. The pyramid programs however are not totally without substance or a rip off. It will turn out to be a Herculean task to find people who will part with sixty dollars to buy products they will never use, to make a few dollars.

The advertisement purposely omits the fact that people need to buy something to generate an income. Only after signing in as a member will you be told that you need to spend money to upgrade yourself before you can start earning. There is no guarantee that others will upgrade when you upgrade and buy products so you may be the only one to do so. After failing to earn an income, you will give up and will be sixty dollars poorer with a product you never use. If people know that only the original product owners are reaping the benefits of every pyramid scheme, then it would be easier to find real “work at home” jobs on the Internet. The Internet would then become a place to find work at home jobs without the need to investigate before applying or signing up for anything.

Source: Internet Marketing is Nuts

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