07 May 2009

Social Networking Tools Stimulate Government Operational Efficiency and Transparency

04 05 2009 - The creative use of social networking tools, which offer rich media sharing, integrated communications, and information exposure, are helping to stimulate government operational efficiency and transparency, according to leading independent research and advisory firm, Government Insights, an IDC company.

The new Government Insights research report, Social Networking and Takin' Care of Business Every Way (Doc #GI215803) reveals that social networking applications have established a foothold in private enterprises and the public sector alike. A recent IDC survey found that more than 15% of government/education responders worldwide are posting to blogs or wikis and/or participating in social networking to conduct business. While less pervasive than some private industries, governments are increasingly adopting Web 2.0 applications to respond to transparency mandates and to leverage efficiencies.

"Many federal employees recognize the opportunities for cost savings and improved acquisition process efficiency through the use of social networking tools," said Adelaide O'Brien, research manager, Government Insights. "We believe that President Obama's administration will encourage agencies to use Web-based technology to open up government to citizens, and seek citizen response and involvement in government processes."

This is evident through the appointment of Vivek Kundra as Federal CIO, whose mission is to achieve the administration's goal of ensuring government is run in the most secure, open, and efficient way possible. According to the Government Insights article, Kundra as Federal CIO: Let the Democratization of Data Begin, March 06, 2009), by "democratizing" data, Kundra envisions more citizen participation in government, more technology innovation from the private sector, and deeper collaboration between the public and private sector regarding the use of technology.

Source: Web 2.0

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