06 May 2009

Using Mobile Advertising To Get More Followers On Twitter

01 05 2009 - Here’s a conundrum: If a company on Twitter wants to attract more followers, what do they do? Take an ad out in the local paper? Put up a billboard? Or, hope Oprah mentions it on her show?

Zaw Thet, the CEO of 4INFO, which is an mobile ad network and text alert service, believes mobile advertising is the solution. “Twitter is a mix of online and mobile. About 20 percent of Twitter users actually get text messages sent to them.” To validate his hypothesis, 4INFO kicked off a month-long trial today in which a handful of brands will use mobile advertising to promote their Twitter feeds. If it works, he hopes Twitter may consider working with 4INFO to monetize its own traffic.

The brands: 4INFO is providing some of its advertising clients, like the NBA, Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) Exec Tweets, HFM’s Road and Track Magazine, Turtle Wax, Eggland and UFC, a month’s worth of free advertising inventory from within their network.

The message: During the trial, brands, like the NBA, will run mobile advertisements, promoting its Twitter feed. Typically, it runs messages, reminding people to watch a game. Thet: “We are using their content of their Twitter updates in their advertising—the call to action is for that consumer to follow the brand on Twitter.”

The goal: Thet said the goal is to see if this type of advertising is more engaging and will lead to higher conversion rates. Once the trial is completed, the company also plans to determine the value of a Twitter follower. Thet: “That’s a much larger project we plan. I always say, ‘if you can’t measure it, don’t spend it’.”

Source: Moconews

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