08 May 2009

Video: Energy Efficiency & the Green Data Centre

telecomtv 07 05 2009 - Green Planet Episode 2: Energy Efficiency & the Green Data Centre. One of the most important issues faced by the world today is energy supply, and the fact that there may not be enough energy to support our future needs. In ICT, Data Centres are considered to be one of the industries biggest contributors to the energy crisis.

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According to the Global e-Sustainability Initiative, data centres represent 18% of ICT greenhouse gas emissions. The top five search companies for example, collectively use about 2 million servers requiring about 5GW of power, equating to about 30% - 40% of their operating costs. By 2020, it is expected that there will be 122 million servers in use.
In Episode 2 of Green Planet, TelecomTV explores how energy shortage is driving new innovative approaches to data centre energy use, as efficient energy practices become essential to both the bottom line and the planet.

Source: TelecomTV

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