15 May 2009

Video: Next Generation Payment

1 14 05 2009 - This year's, in next09 conference in Hamburg, Germany (May 5 & 6), one of Europe's leading digital-creative-marketing forums, theme was "Share Economy," and the 1,300 attendees consisted of European VCs and angel investors, Web 2.0 entrepreneurs, media, creative agencies, and executives from German corporations (from BMW and Deutsche Bank to Deutsche Telekom).

Sven Horlemann is product manager for Payment & Cards, a business unit of Deutsche Telekom. Responsible for the development of new concepts for prepaid cards, he also manages technical realization projects. In 2008 he oversaw the development of the new prepaid account platform 'PKP'. This platform merges the account data and services of different products on one single platform, ensuring that they use the same processes and interfaces. Apart form the synergetic cost cutting effects this is a new infrastructural concept, which sets one platform as the heart of todays products as well as future products.

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Social Economy

Capitalism 2.0

Source: Next2009

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