04 June 2009

Ashton Hits 2 Million Followers on Twitter

03 06 2009 - The man who used the power of a nation to beat CNN (@cnnbrk) in a race to be the first Twitter user to hit one million followers has done it again. Oh, how quickly the followers seem to be pouring in now.

image We’re talking of course about the one and only @aplusk, otherwise known as Ashton Kutcher, who has surpassed another milestone this evening, becoming the first person to cross the 2 million follower mark with 2,000,420 devotees at the time of publication.

asplusk tweet

Although Kutcher only follows 165 other twitterers (.00825% of those following him) and recently had a Twitter TV temper tantrum where he threatened to quit the service altogether, he is still tweeting strong. Additionally, it appears as if Ashton hopes to use the doubled follower base for even more altruistic purposes, at least according to the tweet pictured above.


As you can see, Ashton’s rise to the top of the Twitter food chain has certainly been helped along by the competition with cnnbrk and his appearance to talk all things Twitter on Oprah. His closest competition for Twitter’s #1 comes from @TheEllenShow account, which is still about 300,000 followers behind.

Meanwhile, as more and more celebrities join Twitter and the microblog du jour becomes the platform for the masses, we’re pretty sure that milestones such as this will lose their novelty. But at least for the time being, two million ain’t so shabby. Cheers on maintaining your reign over the Twitter sovereign, Ashton, may you rule with grace and dignity.


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