18 June 2009

Having a Bad Day? On BadHap, You’re Not Alone

18 06 2009 - is like a big database of bad days with one aim – to help people feel better about their bad experience.

Sites for creative self-deprecating expression are nothing new, and we know a number of you make it a point to visit FMyLife on a daily basis. BadHap is another site with a similar premise that enables users to share their unfortunate life occurrences with a captive audience, and ideally release some of the stress in the process.

On BadHap anyone can add their badhap to the pool of sad but true stories. An account is required to post, but you can remain anonymous and venting isn’t restrained by character limitations, so you can really let it all hang out. You can then add your bad happenings to one of a variety of categories for rants and tirades about everything from men, women, and marriage, to crappy roommates, cheating, and lost car keys.


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