18 June 2009

iPhone 3.0 Problems? Here’s the Solution

18 06 2009 - iPhone and iPod Touch owners finally got the chance to install the new iPhone 3.0 OS software, which provides an array of features like push notifications, MMS, Spotlight search, copy/paste functionality, and landscape mode for email (learn all about it in our iPhone 3.0 Guide).

However, for thousands of iPhone owners, their upgrade requests are getting thwarted by Apple’s overloaded servers. Even we got the dreaded “We could not complete your iTunes Store Request” warning. So why is this happening and what are you supposed to do if you get this issue? Let’s explore the answers to those questions right now.

What’s Wrong and How To Fix It

The warning most people are receiving is “We could not complete your iTunes Store request” as they near the end of iPhone 3.0 software installation process, due to the fact that there are simply too many download requests happening at the same time. This isn’t surprising, considering it’s an update that’s been awaited by millions for months. Nonetheless, this pop-up may scare you, especially since the iPhone will probably tell you to only “Slide for Emergencies.”

But fear not, people have gotten past this error. A few options we’ve seen work so far:

- Click on iTunes Store, then back to your phone in iTunes: This was how at least I resolved my issue. It essentially repeats the iTunes store request.

- Keep clicking O.K. on the popup error: We’ve heard that this works, too.

- Ejecting and plugging back in: Both Joe Tech and Business Insider ejected their iPhones and plugged them back in without losing data. We don’t suggest this option unless absolutely necessary (simply waiting until later would be the more prudent option).

- Patience: As the demand decreases, the servers will recover and there will be less error messages.

These kind of things happen, so you shouldn’t get overly worried. A lot of other customers have gotten the iPhone 3.0 software running after a few error messages.


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