24 June 2009

Orbitz Gives Away Free Twitter Tickets

24 06 2009 - Chances are you might have woken up this morning to see a popular retweet make its way across your Twitter feed. That’s because Orbitz is doing a Twitter giveaway for a chance to win a round-trip coach ticket good for a flight in the United States.

image Not surprising this has put the Twittersphere abuzz. Who doesn’t want a free round-trip ticket to anywhere in the US (other than International folks that is)? So, what does it take to win? You’ll need to follow Orbitz on Twitter and retweet their daily contest message. Simple, right?

Full details on the contest can be found on Orbitz’s blog, and you’ll want to retweet this message to win, but we’re more interested in the trends surrounding Twitter giveaways and the fact that Orbitz has hopped on to the Twitter social media marketing train with spontaneous alacrity (they currently only have upwards of 2,000 followers).

orbitz tweet

Trending Twitter giveaways have become the hit marketing tactic for savvy marketing departments. The combination of a Twitter specific giveaway, with a super cool prize, and the distribution opportunities available through retweets, make this a winning formula.

As you may recall, Maggianos and Squarespace have proven the formula works, and now more mainstream companies like A&E and now Orbitz have taken note and started campaigns of their own. So while to most of us earlier adopters, Twitter giveaways may have jumped the shark, the reality is that these buzzworthy campaigns are just starting to get traction from the larger brands. Don’t expect these to go anywhere anytime soon.


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