18 June 2009

Video: CNN’s Response to #CNNFail

17 06 2009 - On Monday, live on CNN, Rick Sanchez responded to criticism from social media sites that CNN failed to adequately cover the Iranian election situation.

The video has now risen to the top of YouTube’s mysterious “most popular” list (which, unlike the “most viewed” list, uses some hidden algorithm or editorial picks to decide what’s important). Sanchez’s response pieces together CNN’s reports from the weekend to convince critics that CNN’s coverage was more extensive than users on social media sites claimed.

Not all YouTube’s commenters seem convinced, however, with responses including “You cover affairs of politicians 24 hours non-stop and other pop culture nonesense [sic] and this past weekend, you were busy replaying stupid Larry King interviews” and “The CNN Iranian Election Coverage was a joke”. Many argue, however, that CNN International did a good job of covering the events in Iran.

What’s your take? Does CNN make good counterpoints to the social media criticism? Let us know in the comments.


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