11 June 2009

Video: Green Planet Episode 7: Impact on the Consumer

11 06 2009 - Every action of a telecom operator or vendor, ultimately has an affect on the consumer. The industry's move towards a greener, more sustainable future, is no different.

image Take end-user hardware as an example; although “in use” operational mode consumes the greatest amount of energy, when computers or mobile phones are left on standby and connected to a power supply they continue to “suck” energy. For mobile phones, it has been found that two thirds of the power consumed by a mobile device goes to waste when the battery is already fully charged but remains plugged to an outlet.

View Video below:

Through the creation of tools and applications, in addition to developments in technology, production processes and material use, vendors and operators are finding new ways to help consumers reduce their own personal carbon footprints.

Source: TelecomTV

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