01 June 2009

Video: Twitter Tutorials on YouTube

31 05 2009 - YouTube is not only a great way to watch endless hours of cute kittens doing people things, but a way to learn about a range of topics visually. Users have put up thousands of tutorials ranging from animal care to our favorite microblogging tool, Twitter.

Whether you want to get your best friend started on Twitter or want the scoop on some of Twitter’s best desktop apps, the following YouTube videos will keep you entertained while educating you about various aspects of the Twitterverse.

1. Twitter in Plain English

Have a friend who just doesn’t get Twitter? Did you just start with Twitter yourself? Then this video, from @CommonCraft is just the place to start.

2. Twitter Tutorial - Getting Started

Send your friend to this video if someone’s having trouble getting started on the microblogging tool.

3. Twitter Tutorial: Finding People to Follow

This tutorial by @Tweetalize discusses simple ways for beginners to find interesting people to follow.

4. Top Twitter Tools Tutorial

The music may get annoying, but the information on, Hootsuite, and other tools is solid.

5. Twitter Retweet Explained

Somehow, Mike Wesely of talks about the Retweet for seven minutes.

6. Customized Twitter Theme Experience

@albertle goes into detail on customizing your own Twitter theme and background. Some image editing experience is recommended.

7. Twitter Tutorial: 5 Desktop Apps

@Yagglo does a good job providing an overview of key desktop Twitter apps like Seesmic Desktop and Tweetdeck.

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