20 July 2009

Video interview: Joy King - Managing the Customer Experience

20 07 2009 - Competition for today's communications service subscriber is intense, Joy King - Director of Marketing and Transformation, CMS - HP discusses new approaches to Customer Experience Management with Guy Daniels of TelecomTV.

image The field of service providers has expanded greatly, with many offering a range of voice, data and video services. In vying for customers, service providers are trying to out-do one another through a variety of innovative service and pricing options.

They include:

  • wireless' wireline service bundles,
  • cable and Internet protocol television (IPTV),
  • digital video recording (DVR),
  • creative pricing and service packages,
  • sophisticated hand-held devices

As a result, consumers have more choice among service providers and options, and they're more demanding as a result. For service providers, this requires a new approach to managing the customer'experience.

Source: TelecomTV

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