03 August 2009

AT&T and Apple Ban Google Voice App: Is It Illegal?

02 08 2009 - Apple’s rejection of applications from the iPhone App Store is at times baffling, and at others, potentially anti-competitive. Dow Jones reports tonight that the FCC is looking into one such ban – the recent rejection of the Google Voice app from the store.

image The report says that three letters were sent out late Friday – to Google, AT&T and Apple – seeking answers as to whether AT&T was involved in the rejection, and whether Apple had approved any other Google apps. The letters also reference two pending investigations into wireless open access and exclusive deals between carriers and handset manufacturers (eg. Apple and AT&T).

image BusinessWeek’s Arik Hesseldahl grabbed the full letters from the FCC website and posted them to Scribd: they’re embedded below.

Letter to Apple


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