02 December 2012

Exelysis: the Smart Contact Center

01 12 2012 – by Andreas Anastasopoulos (CEO Smart Online Services LTD) - The Exelysis Contact Center is a windows service that enables automated handling of inbound and outbound traffic, allows the integration of these functions into 3rd party applications, keeps detailed statistics for all associated activity and provides interfaces for real-time monitoring of all the aspects of its operation.

The Exelysis Contact Center utilizes one or more Asterisk servers, regardless of their physical location, and provides asterisk clustering capabilities that are not implemented by the Asterisk PBX itself.

  • Exelysis Contact Center is a platform designed from scratch to be simple, easy to use and problem free.
  • It is the first such platform which is fully compatible with the leading Open Source PBX, Asterisk by Digium, providing enhanced features and functionality.
  • It is specifically designed to handle, extend and enhance Asterisk PBX operations.
  • Provides clustering capabilities.
  • Enables Asterisk installation to Large Enterprises, Call Centers, Service Providers and other demanding markets.
  • Offers true value for money.

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